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We are Defenders. We are Patriots. We are Family.

We are patriotic to our very core. Every employee that makes ammunition bearing the Defender name was formerly a US armed forces service member (or is married to one). The name of our company, "Defender" Ammunition Company was named for the people that so selflessly defend the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. 

Everything that we do embraces our core value: patriotism. We use only products sourced from the USA in our production process. When it's time to support charities, we choose the ones that back our Special Forces Community or Gold Star Families. We have supported Marine programs and Lejeune, Air Force events at Camp Mackall and largely Fort Bragg. The military community, regardless of the branch, is our family and we do our best to help where we can.

Additionally, we support your right to keep and bear arms and encourage every firearm owner to become proficient and competent. As soldiers, we personally found value in training day in and day out to do our assigned job very well and we strongly believe that staying proficient is the most important thing a gun owner can do.

If you're just learning, that's great. Keep training and growing. If you're a seasoned shooter, you already have discovered the importance of training and we applaud your dedication. Please visit our resource page to continue to develop your skills, find a local match or learn a new technique that perhaps you never thought of!

As always, we are sincerely grateful for your business. We hope you enjoy shooting our ammunition as much as we enjoy making it for you. If you think of it, shoot us a range-day or hunting picture or tag us on social media. We always appreciate seeing our product "in the wild". 


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