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Brass Exchange

Trade your range brass for FREE AMMO!

After doing this for a number of years, we find this to be the best possible way to trade in your brass for ammo.

In store: Bring sorted brass in ziplock or grocery bags so staff can quickly inspect and weigh your brass. Each bag should be it's own caliber, but mixing nickel plated brass and yellow brass is totally ok. PLEASE do not bring brass in containers that you want back. Ammo cans are the worst possible way to bring brass in for many reasons but mostly because everyone slams their fingers in the lid while transferring to buckets and we just want to keep our showroom injury free. 

*IF YOU HAVE OVER 500LBS, PLEASE CALL FIRST TO ENSURE WE CAN ACCEPT IT. This is a very popular program and people arrive frequently with several drums of brass. We likely will be able to accept your high-volume of brass, but it helps us immensely when we know it's coming.

By mail:  We strongly encourage you to send your brass in a trackable package, as we do not accept responsibility for any brass lost in transit. Best practices: We find that using one USPS flat rate box per caliber is the best possible way ever. This way, bags of assorted calibers don't bust open in transit. Some people (that we think are amazing) have used the hearty Priority Mail plastic envelopes to separate their calibers before putting them in the flat rate box. If you're sending brass, please use the form below. Your gift card will be emailed to you using the email address that you submit on this form. Please be sure to put a copy of the form in the box. 

Brass Info:

We do not accept steel or aluminum casings. When you send them to us anyway, it just costs you postage. They get trashed on our end, as recyclers won't even take them. Nickel plated brass is ok. DO NOT de-prime your brass!! De-primed brass is scrap brass and will get only scrap credit.

Current Brass Exchange Rates:

$1.00/lb: scrap brass to include anything de-primed, damaged, crushed, rimfire, berdan primed brass, also included brass that is excessively tarnished.

$1.25/lb: Mixed, unsorted but usable brass

$1.50/lb: all handgun brass

$1.75/lb: all large rifle

$2.75/lb: .223/5.56 (not de-primed!)



Include a copy of the form below in your package.  

Your brass will be weighed and your ammo credit will be issued via EMAIL. This credit is a gift card and will be valid for ONE YEAR following the date of issue. Your credit is for your brass weight only. You will not be reimbursed or credited for your shipping costs. If your credit expires, it is not recoverable. Please be sure to use it before it's expiration date.