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Brass Exchange

Brass Exchange

We also offer a brass exchange program at our factory showroom or via USPS. Usable brass can be exchanged for store credit. Unusable brass is excessively tarnished, damaged, crushed, excessively bulged, etc.

Bring sorted brass in ziplock or grocery bags so staff can quickly inspect and weigh your brass.

We do not accept steel or aluminum casings.

Current Brass Exchange Rates:

$1.75/lb: 9mm

$2/lb: 40, 223/5.56, 300 B/O, 308, 30-06, 357sig, 38spl

$3/lb: 380, 357mag, 44mag, 45ACP, 45GAP, 45colt, 10mm

ALL OTHER calibers are currently $1.25/lb.

Unsorted brass is $1.25/lb

 Mail us your brass and get credit for ammo!

 To participate in our Brass Exchange Program out of our local area, use this form and a USPS flat rate box.