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  • About Our Published Velocities

    We get a lot of questions about our published velocities on our website and packaging, especially now that so many new shooters are coming into the shooting world. One of...

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  • Calculating Power Factor

    Getting into competitive shooting and want to see if your ammo makes the cut? We publish our velocity on all of our ammo as well as the barrel length that...

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  • 9mm Bullet Profiles & How to Choose

    If you've been on our 9mm page, you've seen that there are a lot of options. If you don't shoot a lot or are new to the caliber, choosing a...

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  • 458 Socom problems? There's an explanation for that. Read the backstory and find out why!
    458 Socom History and the "Out of Spec" Mess

    458 Socom is likely the most misunderstood caliber that has gained popularity in recent years because it's seemingly so easily interchanged on an AR platform that most of us already...

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  • How Defender makes ammo

    This is how we make the ammo you love to shoot.

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  • About .458 SOCOM

    So, you want to blast a hog, or maybe a bear. The .458 Socom will take care of that chore in a single shot and is a great round to make that...

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