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Who We Are Makes Us Different

For most of us, range time came with the "soldier" job description. Understanding our guns and their capability was critical to our success. Even after our service ended, our passion for guns and ammo is still present in our daily lives.

Every person on our staff shoots either recreationally or competitively. Each has his or her preferred discipline, but everyone has a unique appreciation that every single round we produce will be loaded, chambered and fired. Consistency and reliability is of the utmost importance. It is what we've built our reputation on and we will stop at nothing to ensure it stays that way.

Whether our brass is brand new or reconditioned, the quality control process starts here. Our new brass comes from the most reputable US-based companies. Even though we trust our brass manufacturers wholeheartedly, we still make sure the new stuff gets thoroughly inspected on arrival.

Our fired brass comes to us from all over the country. The moment it arrives, our teams spend quite a lot of time with it. We have very strict standards and "good enough" is not acceptable in any of our QC rooms. The brass must be in perfect shape before it's accepted into our processing room.

After sorting, our brass goes through a reshaping and sizing process that is one of the signature processes in remanufacturing (not to be confused with reloading). Each casing is sent through equipment that tests the integrity of the brass and full-length sizes each shell. Unacceptable brass is automatically removed and the good stuff moves on to the priming phase.

We pre-prime our brass using a piece of equipment that pushes a premium primer into the already sized primer pocket. This process enables us to load more smoothly and efficiently. 

We have several different loading machines, depending on which caliber we're working on. Each machine averages around 3,000 units per hour. The equipment is quite sophisticated and will automatically stop if the primer isn't fully seated, if the powder charge isn't spot-on, or if the crimp doesn't come out just right. This equipment is largely responsible for keeping rounds consistent. In fact, these machines are so sensitive, that sometimes brass from 2 different manufacturers will set off alarms because their case volumes are very minutely different.

At each stage of the process, quality checks happen often to make sure everything is running as it should. Completed rounds run off of each machine into chamber checking trays that roll right on to the packaging floor. Anything that doesn't check out is removed and the rest is visually inspected as it's loaded into packaging and labeled. 

Each team member strongly believes that every round we make might be the round that helps you win your match or the round that you may use to defend yourself.

Every round matters.