Our staff fields this sentiment and others like it daily from customers, who are undoubtedly as frustrated and confused as we are about what's happening with ammunition shortages. We thought it would be best to try to address some of your questions here as we can only imagine that for every customer that has called, there are many more who are wondering the same things silently.

    1. Why the shortages to begin with? Well, we'd sure like to know the answer to this too. The surge seemed to get especially wild with Covid-19, followed by civil unrest, but some say there's more to the story. Some speculate that ammo giants that have been around since the 1800s are controlling the market on key components to flush out some of the little guys that are pulling market share away from them. Manufacturers that we are closest to seem to think that the industry was so blindsided by the surge that no one is able to catch back up since many have faced extended closures due to employees falling ill with the virus. Either way, it seems that these shortages will continue for the foreseeable future.
    2. Why have I not received a "restocked alert" in MONTHS? The restocked alerts on the website do work. We promise! Unfortunately, since ammunition is so limited right now, we had to set purchase limits on most of the commodity items on our website. If you're signed up for notifications on bulk ammunition, you're going to be waiting a LONG while. We won't be offering bulk until this all settles down.
    3. Why don't you just publish a production schedule? This question makes us laugh. We get this one a lot. We use component manufacturers from all over the country and they're just as backed up as everyone else. For example, we've had 300 Blackout brass on order with Jag since APRIL and 30 caliber soft point projectiles on order with Sierra since June. Our production depends on their production. When will they ship? Next week....next week....next week. So, when will your favorite 300 Blackout be available? <shrug>
    4. Why can't I just preorder? We take the Dave Ramsey approach on running the store. We don't want to owe anyone squat, which is why we won't take your money unless your ammo is leaving the building that day. If you really want our opinion, anyone that's taking your money and not shipping your ammo for months should be subject to public shaming. 
    5. Why is your showroom no longer open on Saturday? Since ammunition demand is so high, people clean out the showroom just as fast as we can get the ammunition out of the hands of the packaging staff. If we were open Saturday right now, we'd just be a t-shirt store. 
    6. Why do I see your ammo on my local retailer's shelf but not online? Our website serves hundreds of thousands of people. We are filling orders from our dealers and law-enforcement agencies while continuing to serve the e-commerce community. We're distributing what we have available fairly between all channels. We recommend you get it where you can and sincerely appreciate that you're supporting your local brick & mortar gun shop!

If you know us, you know that we are sincere when we say that our customers are truly important to us. We sincerely want to provide you with fantastic ammo along with incredible service. We will continue to do our best to make ammunition available, but please understand that we are not intentionally withholding what you need. We are grateful to all of you for your patience and kindness during these tough times. As always, we appreciate your business.

~The Defender Team