You guys know at this point that it's our modus operende to be 100% transparent about who we are, what we do and why we do it. In our opinion, there's no need to do it any other way. 

In the beginning, we worked a deal with UPS to allow us to ship to you at a $10 flat rate. It was rarely (never) actually $10 for us to ship to you, but we thought maybe eventually with enough volume, our rates would come down and we'd be able to at least cover the shipping costs. Little did we know that UPS would steadily increase our rates every year to counteract the discounts we received with our increased volume. 

With the surge in gas prices, we just can't continue to subsidize each order going out the door, so our checkout will now charge you exactly what we get charged by UPS. 

We know most long-time supporters will understand and continue to back what we do. We also have accepted that by making this change, we will lose some of you. We sincerely hope we will maintain your business. We are grateful for all of the support you have given us to date.

The Defender Team