300 Blackout is one of those platforms that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. One of the complaints we often hear from 300 Blackout shooters is how much they have to alter their hardware to shoot all of the different bullet options out there. We have always manufactured a very nice 150g Total Metal Jacket for plinking at the range. This was and still is a huge seller for us, but with a large portion of shooters that also hunt, the difference in bullet weight and velocity on the hunting rounds required a little extra work before a rifle was ready and sighted in for the hunt.

Don't get me wrong, our 135g Prohunter is an incredible round. It's ability to penetrate and expand makes it an ideal round for hog hunters. It is explosive on soft tissue and we strongly suggest it if you have the time to get your rifle squared away before heading out for your harvest.

If you're like me, you're a last-minute sort of person. One that gets invited to go on a hunt the night before and races out the door without spending much prep time on the range. The 300 Blackout combination that we released this week is perfect for shooters that want to get their rifle dialed in ONE time, take it to the range and on the hunt without having to worry about it.

Finally the solution is here. 

Our 300 Blackout 120g TMJ is loaded to a velocity of 2215fps. We achieved that velocity out of a 16" barrel, so you can calculate more or less depending on your barrel length. It is a great shooting round and inexpensive for Blackout. 

The 125g Hollow Point is just 5 grains heavier, but also loaded to exactly 2215fps. The projectile is a Speer TNT, which is fluted on the inside and offers devastating expansion. 

These two are a perfect pair. Give them a shot and send us some range-day photos!