We’re going to be brutally honest here. We thought for sure the 6.5 Grendel was going to be one of those “flash in the pan” rounds that came and went and that was all. Our friends at T-box Barrels have been poking us about making a Grendel round for a long time and our response was “....yeah...yeah….ok…..grendel….boooooooo”, but then a few of our employees picked one up and the rest was history. 

Grendel allows you to stretch out to 800 yards+ comfortably with minimal recoil. More importantly, for those of us that aren’t independently wealthy, you can throw it on an AR platform that you likely already have if you’re a regular shooter. 

Straight out of the gate, we decided that the world needs an inexpensive Grendel round to shoot at steel plates at the range. We chose the 107g Sierra Tipped Match King because it has a great ballistic coefficient and would allow us to run an MOA round for daily use. This round is a great all-purpose round and though devastating on soft tissue, Sierra does not recommend them for hunting use.

We are currently in the process of load development on a Match grade SUB-MOA round that you can take to the range to punch a single ragged hole in paper with and we’ll be releasing that in the near future. 

The bottom line is that if you like to shoot your gun without paying for match grade rounds, the 107g TMK is exactly what you need. If you’re ready for a PRS match, standby, your rounds are on the way.