Our customer service department fields a TON of calls on this. We get it. Who wants to shoot steel? Not to worry, friend, we have not loaded your ammo in steel or aluminum. What you're looking at is nickel-plated brass, which is totally safe (if not preferred) by your firearm. 

Nickel-plating is more resistant to tarnish and corrosion than brass, making it ideal for defensive rounds that you may have loaded in your mag for an extended period of time. It is very reloadable for you do-it-yourselfers and it is often said that it loads easier than brass.

Lastly, it has a low coefficient of friction with your firearm, which is a sciencey way of saying that it loads and unloads very easily, which is typically most appreciated by wheel-gun shooters. 

Getting a box of nickel-plated ammo is a little extra bonus when you shop with us. So go enjoy it and don't forget to send those lovely casings back to us if you're not loading you're own!

Be safe out there!