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9mm Hollow Point/ Defensive Rounds

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Defender Ammunition's 9mm Hollow Point/Defensive Rounds are the perfect choice for your defensive needs. These are loaded with your choice of high-preforming projectiles; the JHP provides excellent expansion upon impact with its hollow point design, while the total copper penetrates and continues to drill through the target, transferring energy as it tumbles. Get your hands on Defender Ammunition's 9mm Luger Hollow Point/Defensive Rounds today and have peace of mind with your protection.

Choose from 115gr, 124gr, 147gr or the newly released 90gr total copper Xtreme Defense.

Quantity: 1000 rounds, packaged in 20 boxes of 50

Brass: New or Remanufactured. 

Bullet/ Grain Velocity
90gr Xtreme Defense 1350/4"
 115gr HP


124gr HP

125gr HP 1120/4"

147gr HP