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7.62 x 51

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Suitable for use in your 308, our 7.62x51 varieties are listed below.

Brass: This product is offered in new brass only.

*Please know the Bimetal FMJ contains magnetic components within the composition of the projectile. THESE ARE NOT ARMOR PIERCING, however they are magnetic. This will not bode well at your indoor range. Lot #220522 was loaded in pre-primed Winchester brass. They have overachieved on sealing the primer pockets, so you may notice discoloring around the primer from the sealing process. Though this is unattractive, it will not have any negative consequences on the performance of your ammunition.

 Bullet/Grain Application Velocity
147gr BIMETAL FMJ* outdoor range use 2800/20"
150gr FMJ target/practice 2900/24"
175gr HPBT (SMK) match/long range 2570/20"