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308 WIN

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For Military and Civilian use, this round is widely used for plinking, hunting and competition. 

Brass: New **IMPORTANT: The 308 brass and 7.62 brass that we use for our loading process is IDENTICAL aside from the headstamp. Intermittently, we may use brass stamped as 7.62x51 for our 308 loads. In any case, please refer to the data on your box for information on how the ammunition is loaded. If you have questions about this, shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help. 

Brass:  This product is offered in new brass only.

Bullet/ Grain Application Velocity BC
308 WIN 150gr FMJ Target shooting 2850/24"

308 WIN 165gr SP 

Hunting 2600/20" .404
308 WIN 168gr SMK HPBT  Long range shooting, competition 2680/24" .462
308 WIN 175gr SMK HPBT  Long range shooting, competition 2660/24" .505
308 WIN 175gr SMK HPBT SUBSONIC Suppressed shooting, competition 1025/24" .505

308 WIN 220gr HPBT subsonic  

10" twist or faster

Suppressed shooting, competition  1050/24" .629