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.223 Rem Target/Practice

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This 223 Remington Ammo is the perfect choice for target shooting. Featuring a full metal jacket projectile, these rounds offers great accuracy and performance at a great price. This ammo is a favorite among shooters for its consistent, reliable performance.

Brass: Reconditioned or New

*IMPORTANT: Though both cartridges look identical, 5.56 is loaded to a higher pressure than .223, which is why rifles chambered for a 5.56 cartridge can fire .223, but it is not recommended that 5.56 cartridges are fired out of a rifle chambered for .223

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 Bullet/Grain Application Velocity bc
55gr FMJ BT Target practice, training, competition 3200/24" .243 (G1)
62gr FMJ BT Target practice, training, competition 2730/16" .274 (G1)


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