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223 Rem

223 Rem

$ 17.50

Suitable for your rifle chambered for 5.56, our .223 is great for everything between range-day plinking to small game hunting. 

Brass: Reconditioned or New

*IMPORTANT: Though both cartridges look identical, 5.56 is loaded to a higher pressure than .223, which is why rifles chambered for a 5.56 cartridge can fire .223, but it is not recommended that 5.56 cartridges are fired out of a rifle chambered for .223

Bullet/ Grain Application Velocity
55g FMJ BT Target practice, training, competition


55g SP BT Small game 2834/16"
62g FMJ BT Target practice, training, competition 2730/16"
69g SMK precision shooting, competition 2840/24"


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