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We currently offer 3 projectile types on this classic revolver round.

The 125g THP (Target Hollow Point) is a lighter-grain round designed for target shooting. This is a longer bullet that makes slightly more contact with the rifling in your barrel, stabilizing it for a more accurate shot.

The flat bullet profile of the 148g WC (Wad Cutter) makes it an excellent choice for target practice and competition.  The overall length on this cartridge allows for use in a semi-automatic.  

The 158g FN is certainly the most widely used grain for this caliber. It is a plated flat nosed projectile, ideal for practice and training.

Brass: Remanufactured or New. Please note that the Wadcutters are ONLY available in remanufactured brass. (choose below)

Bullet/ Grain Application Velocity
125g THP Target practice,  competition,training


148g WC Target practice, competition, training 800/4"

158g FN

Target practice, training 975/6"


Number of rounds

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Defender ammo makes a difference

As a relatively new (more serious) shooter, I recently joined a gun club, I was very frustrated with myself. My grouping was not as consistent as most of the other members. Tips and advice from members helped, but something just didn't feel right. Running low on ammo, I was price shopping "on line" and came across the Defender Website. Their prices were very reasonable, their story about everyone being ex military or a family member impressed me as well, I said to myself let's give them a try, so I placed an order. The club has weekly matches and for ease of scoring everyone's target, *** cutters are the required ammo. I was using someone else's *** cutters and didn't think that there would be a difference; then i used DEFENDER. OMG!!! What a difference. Every shot was so much more consistent, as my photos show. Picture 1 (far left) was the other ammo. Pictures 2 and 3 , Defender ammo was used. Since my first purchase from Defender, I've shot almost 900 rounds. As the pictures show, my grouping and accuracy have greatly improved. I used their 38 Special Target/Practice 148G WC ammo. Very reasonably priced, accuracy and consistency, phenomenal. Customer Service, I'm sorry to say, they were not good, they were OUTSTANDING. Team Defender; thank you for your service to those that served or their families and thank you for your patriotism. Finally, thank you for providing a great American product!!! "I found my ammo supplier"

Anonymous verified customer review of 38 Special Target/Practice

Representing Defender in Charlotte,NC at Blackstone Shooting Range.

148gn .38 *** cutter are the perfect round for bullseye target shooting. Very clean and consistent!

Erix993 verified customer review of 38 Special Target/Practice

Outstanding product

The .38 Special jacketed SWC is consistent and accurate. I enjoyed similar performance from the flush *** cutters. I’m proud to shoot well with ammo from Defender. High performance product from American patriots.

Anonymous verified customer review of 38 Special Target/Practice

There is ALWAYS one flyer !!

148 Grain .38 Special Wadcutter. Reliable and i can buy 'em from defender about as cheap as I can reload them.

FelixZ verified customer review of 38 Special Target/Practice

My order in the ammo can. Also got a nice shirt.

I have always had great service & pricing with Defender! Nice deal with the free ammo can also. My shipments are always packed very well with a personal note of thanks.

tradarcher verified customer review of 38 Special Target/Practicetradarcher verified customer review of 38 Special Target/Practice

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