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5.56 (Hunting/Defensive/Competition)

Bullet Profile
Number of Rounds

Brass: Offered in new brass only.

*IMPORTANT: Though both cartridges look identical, 5.56 is loaded to a higher pressure than .223, which is why rifles chambered for a 5.56 cartridge can fire .223, but it is not recommended that 5.56 cartridges are fired out of a rifle chambered for .223

Did you know that you can shoot .223 out of any rifle chambered for 5.56? See our .223 selection here. 

Bullet/ Grain Application Velocity/Test Barrel
45gr Frangible close-range steel, shoot-house training 2965,16"
75gr HPBT training/practice, small game (explosive jacket separation will occur) 2700, 20"
55gr HPBT varmint, defensive use (explosive jacket separation will occur) 3000, 20"
55gr SP hunting, defensive use 3000, 20"
77gr SMK

precision rifle, long range, hunting, similar to

the military's MK262 mod 1 round.

2700, 20"

Ballistic Coefficient- .372