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300 AAC Blackout Target/Practice

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This 300 Blackout TMJ is an ideal choice for range day target practice. The 120gr and 150gr TMJ is a bullet made by Berry's Bullets; it is fully encompassed in the copper plating, rather than jacketed. The FMJ projectiles are traditional jacketed bullets.

*The 147gr FMJ has a bi-metal projectile (just the jacket), meaning it WILL STICK TO A MAGNET. Please know that indoor ranges that check for magnetic ammunition will not approve of sending these downrange.

The 220gr subsonic round is a Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) projectile. It's slow subsonic speed makes it an incredibly fun round to shoot out of a suppressed firearm, though a suppressor isn't required for you to enjoy it's benefits.

Brass: This product is offered in new brass only. 

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 Bullet/ Grain
120gr TMJ target practice, training, range day 2215/16"
147gr FMJ target practice, training, range day
150gr TMJ target practice, training, range-day 1820/16"
150gr FMJ target practice, training, range-day 1820/16"
220gr HPBT precision suppressed shooting 1050/16"
220gr TMJ suppressed shooting, lower recoil shooting 1020/16"