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One of the most popular rounds with our law enforcement customers, our 357 Sig is as calm, cool and collected as our men in blue. 

Brass: New or Remanufactured

Bullet/ Grain Application Velocity
124g FN Target practice, training

1260fps, 4"

125g FN Target practice, training 1150fps, 4"



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This is my second order. Shipped fast and was delivered the same week. Cheapest place to buy 357 Sig. Every round fired and ejected fine. Accuracy was consistent. I have been through several hundred rounds with no problems. I will definitely buy more.

LoneWanderer360 verified customer review of 357 Sig Target/Practice

P229 (357Sig) with Defender Ammunition Company - 124g - PFN (RL) on paper at 14 yards! Defender multiple shots "8 round steel at 18 yards (no misses) 357Sig Defender ammo at 25 yard gong! P229 with Defender ammo 357Sig on silhouette at 53 yards

The next load up was Defender Ammunition Company - 124g - PFN (RL). This stuff just flat out shot great! No failures of any kind! First shots at paper at 14 yards: And here was steel at 18 yards: That was at least six shots there....not fired at the same time. I had a challenge going: I had a steel knockdown at 14 yards, two steels at 18 yards, a gong at 25 yards, a steel popper at 30 yards and then a silhouette steel at 53 yards. Once the knockout fell...you obviously couldn't shoot it again. That left 11 rounds in the magazine so I would walk my way out on the steel with one shot each...shoot at the big silhouette at 53 yards three times and then walk my way back in with one shot each. The first time I was one steel short when the magazine went dry because I missed the gong on the first shot as I was going out to distance. The second time, I had a perfect run: 14 yard knockdown *ping* 18 yard small silhouette *ping* 18 yard 8" round *ping* 25 yard gong *ping* 30 yard 8" popper*ping* Big Silly *pong**pong**pong* and then back in! Here is my new gong at 25 yards with the Defender ammo: I believe I went 11-13 at this distance! So defender ammo gets a big thumbs up as does the next load!

NitLion verified customer review of 357 Sig Target/PracticeNitLion verified customer review of 357 Sig Target/PracticeNitLion verified customer review of 357 Sig Target/PracticeNitLion verified customer review of 357 Sig Target/Practice

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