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9mm Target/Practice Rounds

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Get performance and accuracy with our 9mm Practice Rounds from Defender Ammunition. These practice rounds are the perfect choice for a day at the range. Whether loaded in new or reconditioned brass, these rounds offer superior accuracy and performance. Each is consistently loaded with premium components from US-based companies and QC inspected at 6 points in the manufacturing process.

**Note on ProSeries 9mm: This ammunition is designed for competitive shooters using longer-barreled handguns for competition. The velocity listed will not be achieved in shorter barrels, meaning you may not meet the power factor required for higher-level events. 

Brass: New or Remanufactured 

Choose from a variety of variants. Need help? Read this.

Bullet/ Grain Velocity fps
115gr RN


124gr RN


147gr RN

147gr RN Pro Series 880/5.25"