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Alliant Powder's new e3 represents the next generation of reloading powder technology, and offers the clay target shooter what he/she needs to maintain the winning edge. This 12 ga powder possesses a perfect balance of the qualities desired by competitive shooters. e3 features reduced charge weights, is the cleanest burning 12 ga. shotshell powder available, and has environmental stability and ultra premium quality to provide more consistent and reproducible performance all-year round. It is destined to become the shot shell powder by which all others are judged, and like all of Alliant's flake powders, it is proudly made in the USA. Named after its core qualities of energy, efficiency and excellence, this exciting new powder offers 12-gauge target shooters a high-performance product that stands apart from the rest.

  • Clean burning
  • Low charge weight efficiency
  • Consistent performance

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