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Defender Ammunition Shooting Team

2017 Shooting Team


Ray Helms

Ray began shooting at an early age and enjoys all platforms of firearms.
It doesn't matter if it is a rifle, pistol, or shotgun he is happy and long as he is pulling the trigger.
In his second year with Defender Ammunition he has seen a huge improvement in his rankings using our ammo.
Ray likes the quality, reliability and consistency of his ammunition.
Ray also works with a firearms manufacturing company doing R&D in suppressor and firearms development.


  • 2017 1st place Factory Division Upstate 3-gun February
  • 2016 1st place NRA Tactical Police Competition SC Invitational Division 
  • 2016 1st place SC State Championship 3-gun Factory division
  • 2016 1st place SC State Championship 3-Gun LEO Division
  • 2016 1st Place 3-gun Nation Precision Rifle Series Beta at VIR overall match winner
  • 2016 3rd place 3-Gun Nation Eastern Regional Factory Division
  • 2016 6th place 3-Gun Nation Nationals Factory Division 
  • 2015 1st place team and 1st place overall Guilford Sniper Challenge 
  • 2014 1st place team and 1st place overall Gastonia Sniper Conference

Ray’s Equipment

  • Defender Ammunition 
  • SVI Infinity .40
  • Lancer Outlaw with Swarovski Z6i
  • Benelli M2 by TMT and Mike Cwyrus
  • Stiller Precision with Mike Rock 5r AMU contour
  • McCree Precision Chassis
  • Nightforce Optics
  • Safariland ELS w/ Bladetech WRS
  • Invictus Practical Shell Caddies

 Travis Denman (Team Captain)

Travis started shooting at a very young age through small game hunting. During his 22 years of active-duty service in the US Army, Travis received a great deal of specialized training in many shooing disciplines, which provided a natural transition into competitive shooting. After a friend invited him to a match, Travis says he “found an affinity for 3 gun competition about halfway through the first stage he ever shot”. His favorite stages are the ones with many possibilities for success, and adds, “the mental aspect of planning the sequence of shots and flow through the stage are the essence of proficiency.”

When Travis isn’t shooting, he enjoys CrossFit and weightlifting, which he occasionally competes in. He has been married to Stacie for 22 years and they have 3 awesome offspring: Emily 21, Liam 17, and Morrigan 15.


Ben shot his first IDPA match in Oxford, NC and found himself completely hooked on the sport. He admittedly performed terribly at the match, but his skills turned a corner after he attended a class at The Range Complex. He credits his instructors, Greg and Jimmy, for helping him become more aware of shooting fundamentals and helping him reach his full potential. He says, “I can’t stress the change those guys made in my shooting, they really had me driving tacks. To this day they’re the place I recommend when people ask about classes and ranges.” 

Ben Simcox


Ben loves to shoot matches but also firmly believes that practice is where the progress comes from. Ben believes in good, consistent, measurable practice and advises new shooters to focus on one problem area at a time rather than trying to improve on everything at once.

Ben can often be found shooting the monthly IDPA matches at H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn and the Coharie Shooter’s League in Clinton. He also attends at least one “outlaw” match per month, whether it be the Infidel Gunfighter League at 37PSR in Bunnlevel or one of the low key steel matches around the Fayetteville area.

Tina Martin-Nims

Tina is a competitive shooter, instructor, 2nd Amendment advocate, Marine Corps wife, and mom to 3 children. She competes in Multi-Gun USPSA, Limited division USPSA, Factory division 3 Gun, Production IDPA, and Zombie Shooters Association matches. She is proudly sponsored by Sportsman’s Lodge shooting range and firearms store in Jacksonville, NC, Devil Dog Arms, and Defender Ammunition.                                                                       She is a Certified Concealed Carry Instructor for the State of North Carolina, is the Facilitator for the Jacksonville, NC chapter of “A Girl and a Gun” and works to defend our 2nd Amendment rights as the North Carolina Representative for the 2AO’s D.C. Project.

Her are some of her recent match standings in 2015 matches:

  • 2015 August 21-23 Brownells Rockcastle Pro Am 3-Gun Competition in Park City, Kentucky.
    • 3rd Place Amateur Ladies
  • 2015 July 18th – 19th Armalite 3 Man 3 Gun Championship, Topton, PA
    • 5th Place all ladies team
  • 2015 Brownells Lady 3 Gun ProAm Challenge, Clinton, SC October 3-4, 2015.
    • 5th Place in Factory Division
  • Currently 6th place overall in Zombie Shooters Association Devil Dog Challenge

Kevin Mangin







Kevin trains regularly with PEAK Firearms Training out of Apex, NC.  When he is not working full time as an Automotive Technician for Mercedes-Benz, Kevin’s time is spent at Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center.        
        Although relatively new to competive shooting, Kevin got hooked quickly on GSSF and USPSA. Kevin’s firearm of choice is a Glock 17.Kevin is married with a son and daughter that are already getting into shooting sports. 

Paul Charbonneau






Paul started shooting at a very young age. First in the NRA Smallbore Rifle program. Paul then competed at the collegiate level in Smallbore and Air Rifle. 

Paul joined the Army in 2005 and was stationed at FT Bragg, NC. In 2006, Paul deployed to Iraq and then Haiti in 2010. Paul has spent the last 11+ years learning and teaching specialized training and tactical shooting. This made for an easy progression to the action shooting sports.   

He currently competes in Single Stack and Limited Division USPSA, and Practical Division 3 Gun.  Paul is a Certified Concealed Carry Instructor for the State of North Carolina and Certified NRA Pistol Instructor. Paul currently competes in the 3GN Semi-Pro Division.   



  • Three time NCAA All-American
  • 2005 NCAA Rifle Team Championship
  • Ranked 25th in the 2016 3GN Regional Series.
  • 2016 3GN Southeastern Regional-  35 out of 114 Practical Div.  
  • 2016 South Regional- 56 out of 168 Practical Div. 


Paul’s Equipment

  • Defender Ammunition
  • Glock 17 w/ ZEV internals and magwell
  • JP Enterprise Upper/Lower
  • Luth-AR Buttstock
  • JP Trigger
  • Leupold VX-R Patrol w/ Larue mounts

Matt Wentzel

Matt competes in IDPA, USPSA and GSSF When not competing; he shares his love for shooting sports by teaching others. He is an NRA Pistol instructor, North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructor and also a Law Enforcement General Instructor.

Matt was with the Hope Mills Police Department in Hope Mille, NC for 6 years. He is currently a State Officer in South Carolina.  His firearm of choice for IDPA and GSSF is his duty gun, a Glock 17, but he prefers a Glock 34 for USPSA production.


Equipment: Gun: Glock 34 with Warren Sevigny Sights.  Ammo: Defender Competition Series 124 grain 9mm.  Double Alpha belt with a Blade Tech holster



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 Shooting Team 2018

For 2018, we would like to invite you to apply for our sponsorship. We'd like to preface your application process by saying a few things about sponsorship. Please consider when you're applying for sponsorship whether you like the idea of being sponsored more than actually doing it. Being a sponsored shooter for us is much more than slapping a logo on your shirt and getting pallets of ammo dumped on your front porch. We have a set of values as a company that encourage competence, good-sportsmanship, patriotism and mentoring new shooters. If you feel that you can represent us well and are willing to fully engage in a sponsorship relationship, please fill out the application here.

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