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June 13, 2019 2 min read

Thank you, Defender Family for helping raise funds for this effort. Together, we raised over $20,000 for this family. We are grateful for your support!


These are some of the winners for the raffle:

Harley Sportster: Rocky Weller

Harley Softail: Ryan Larned

All inclusive Whitetail Hunt: Steve Esche

Invictus  Shotgun shell caddy: Hunter Prada

Invictus  Shotgun shell caddy: D. Debroote

Invictus Shotgun caddy: Nelson

HPerfier Trigger: Mike Mule

Green dot Sight: J. Westbock

Atibal XP8: Jack Smith

$350 Hunters Gold Shooting Glasses:Heather Vickers

The Rock Gift Card: Rich Agosto

$200 PSA Gift Card: Mark Willams

Daniel Defense Rifle: Chris Brower

Aero Precision Rifle: Broc Lahti

Yarborough Knife: T. Munter

Vortex Scope: T. Munter

Atibal Mount: T. Munter

Custom SF painting: T. Munter


6-13-19 Original Post:

One of the things that is absolutely striking about being in the Fort Bragg community is the loyalty that brothers in arms have for each other. When services provided by the military are lacking, the community steps up to take care of their own. This is particularly true in the Special Operations community, who we have come to know through shooting sports. Over the years, we have been privileged and frankly grateful to be a part of the efforts to support the community and we can not do it without support of our customers and Defender Family.

This year, we're helping to raise funds for the family of a fallen Green Beret, SFC Josh Beale, who lost is life in combat this past year. 

A very dear friend to the team at Defender, SFC Matt Beam, is a Special Forces Weapons Instructor at Bragg, who served with SFC Beale. He recalls meeting him for the first time:

"As a new Green Beret, Josh was there first person I met when I arrived to my new company. He took me aside and showed me ether ropes of being a new guy. Over the course of the following 5 years, our two teams became very close and relied on each other on and off the clock. No matter how tough or terrible a training situation was, we were always able to laugh about it to get through it. 

"In a room of 500 people, you could always pick out Josh's laugh. He made everyone else in the room just crack up."

On hearing of Josh's passing, Matt writes,

"The news of Josh's passing hit me hard, but I was at ease to hear that he went down fighting like the true warrior he was. The sacrifice that Josh make for God and Country can never be repaid, but I intend to not let him be forgotten. His family is going through a tremendous transition and life will never be the same."