Akai Raffle and Fundraiser

Posted on December 06 2019

Akai Raffle and Fundraiser

The bottom line is that losing someone is awful. When our immediate community is affected by such a loss, it does not go unnoticed by our team. When Kevin Stickley came to us with his idea of raising funds for the families of Eric Emond and Drew Ross, we wholeheartedly agreed to help in every way possible.

Now, It's important to us that you, as donors to the cause, understand the effort as we see it. There is no value that can ever be assigned to a human life. When we make these fundraising efforts, it's not only raising funds for a family that was blindsided by losing someone, but, most importantly, it's to show the family of the fallen that their loss did not go unnoticed. It's to answer the question that every person that has ever suffered an unexpected loss asks, "Why?" 

When it comes to the deeds of the Special Forces community, the "why" isn't always clear aside from "in service to our country". Our job (every one of us) is to send the message that it matters. We're behind those soldiers and those families 100%. We're behind our nation's military and we support them in triumph and tragedy. 

After serving with these gentlemen, Kevin felt compelled to do something that matters to the families and the community. Watch his video below to hear it in his own words.

To donate and participate in the Akai giveaway, click here. 



  • MICHAEL LANGLEY: March 18, 2020

    It has always been important to take care of our own, but especially so in these trying times.

    I have a niece who’s husband is SPEC OPS and if the worst comes I know others will step up for her.

    Thank you to the community for all that you do.

  • Chris Phares: March 18, 2020

    Bought my ticket. Fingers crossed and thoughts to the families.

  • George Vanlandingham Jr: December 09, 2019

    I’m in.

  • Defender Ammo: December 07, 2019

    Michael, So happy to hear you found competitive shooting as an outlet. I think there’s a lot of therapy in it for all of us. Hope to catch you at a match!

  • Michael Welch: December 07, 2019

    This is the most badass thing I have seen in a while. Being active duty myself I totally understand how important it is to give back to the community. I know first hand on how deployments can take a toll on one’s family but mainly on ones mental state. I just started competition shooting 7 months ago and I have been a huge advocate for it. I have seen what the benefits it has on ones mental state. These last 7 months for me have been the first time when I have been able to “feel normal” to me shooting competitions is the BEST drug I could ever take to combat my anxiety and depression.

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